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Every time you buy from us, we contribute to a cause!

When you buy from Grateful World, you help bring a smile to someone, somewhere. This month, from every journal we sell, we are contributing to Singapore Red Cross for 'ElderAid' that helps care for the elderly. So, 'My Book' journals from Grateful World not only help you find happiness and Gratitude in your own life, they help you to make a difference. Come join the Grateful World community and let's build a better, happier world : A Grateful World!

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We support cause of the Elderly

For every journal sold, we donate part of our earnings to Singapore Red Cross 'Elder aid' to care for the elderly. This is a small token of gratitude for those who raised us- our parents and grand parents!

To know more about ElderAid, click below


Want to donate more or volunteer?

Want to donate more or volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart? Join us!

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