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Incredible Friend Card by Grateful World

Incredible Friend Card by Grateful World

SKU: GWEcard2

Say thank you and say it with your heart, this Gratitude Day

  • E-Cards by Grateful World

    Follow these easy steps to add your name on the E-Cards you purchase:

    1.Download the E-Card

    2. Open open the e-card on Facebook or Instagram stories page on your phone

    3. Add your recepient's name and your own name

    4. Save the E-Card with your added details

    5. Share on social media with your friends 

  • Straight from the heart

    Its not just the card design, but also the message that is sure to strike a chord with people who matter to you! 

    With love,

    Grateful World

  • Customise this card!

    If you wish to customise the card before sending it, do share with us the name of the sender and receiver. We shall send you a customised card in your inbox within 24 hours for free!

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