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Discover happiness and abundance with Grateful World journals

When we are grateful for little things in life, we discover happiness and abundance like never before. Studies have linked gratitude with higher satisfaction, motivation, better sleep, and good mental health. In a recent study, keeping a gratitude journal for just two weeks, reduced perceived stress by 28% and writing a letter of gratitude reduced feelings of hopelessness in 88% of suicidal patients.

Grateful World journals have been designed with all heart and are based on the science behind gratitude and the power of little things that surround us. We cannot wait for you to get started on your journey to happiness and abundance. For any queries or clarifications, do drop us a note on our chat box or whatsapp.

With love,

Grateful World

My Book : Journals from Grateful World

Choose from four amazing designs - each with inspiring quotes, daily gratitude practice, mood tracker, self care tracker and snippets from your own life!


Niti Nadarajah

General Counsel & Empowerment Coach
Coaching-by-Niti, Australia 

I love the simplicity and intuitive nature of Grateful World journals. The self-care tracker is a revelation as it allows to hold myself accountable for self-care. 

I would recommend it to anyone looking for an introduction into the world of journaling and be guided through the practice. It's a beautiful journal! 

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 2.14_edited.jpg

Arunima Bhardwaj

Head, Go-Car growth & monetization
Gojek, Singapore

Grateful World journal does an excellent job of bringing to focus what matters- its the little things! It is  a great way for anyone, including those who don’t think journaling is for them, to get started with self-reflection. The journal is full of gratitude practice, uplifting quotes, and still enough space to freely pen your thoughts.

A SEnzehub_edited.jpg

George Heng

CEO (HealthTech and IoT Expert)
SenzeHub, Singapore 


The Grateful World Journal has enabled me to find 'happiness and abundance' in the little things around me. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to find the life they love. Also recommended for your children and get them to start a life of being grateful and happy.  


Every time you buy from us, we contribute to a cause!

When you buy from Grateful World, you help bring a smile to someone, somewhere. This month, from every journal we sell, we are contributing to Singapore Red Cross for 'ElderAid' that helps care for the elderly. So, 'My Book' journals from Grateful World not only help you find happiness and Gratitude in your own life, they help you to make a difference. Come join the Grateful World community and let's spread Happiness : A Grateful World!

GRATEFUL WORLD in  support of ElderAid revised.png

We support cause of the Elderly

For every journal sold, we donate part of our earnings to Singapore Red Cross 'Elder aid' to care for the elderly. This is a small token of gratitude for those who raised us- our parents and grand parents!

To know more about ElderAid, click below


Want to donate more or volunteer?

Want to donate more or volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart? Join us!

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