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Self gratitude: the foremost step in upping your mental health

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Grateful World blog
Self Gratitude : foremost step in upping your mental health

Today, I will talk about the most challenging and yet the most wonderful role: being a mother. After I gave birth, the gush of overwhelming feelings swallowed me. I felt insecure and the need to be perfect became one of my goals. As I continued to pressure and validate the ‘perfect parent’ mold, I was beginning to feel disappointed in how I could not do certain things.

Thankfully, my mother came to my rescue and told me, “Give gratitude to yourself. Being a mother is one of the greatest roles in life, and you are doing a good job." Those words of encouragement made me realize that we should not forget to give grace to ourselves no matter how small or big our task is. Whether we are a parent or not, always show appreciation to yourself for showing up and giving it your all.

Since that day, I have given myself gratitude. By choosing to be kind to myself; I no longer seek perfection or validation from others. I show gratitude by taking care of myself first, and I tell myself, "I am enough."

If you ever experience overwhelming pressure in life, please tell yourself, "Hey, it's okay, you are doing a great job".

How do you show appreciation to yourself? Do share your story with us. We would love to hear from you.

With love,

Grateful World

(Real life story from Ariane Carreon)

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